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Motorcycle Gloves

Gloves are a necessary gear element for all motorcycle bikers and riders.
Motorcycle gloves tend to run XXS – 3XXL only. Styles and sizes vary.
Most glove manufactures maintain a uniform sizing chart and the fingers do not distinguish
between short, long or wide fingers.  Most gloves are UNISEX, but some manufactures
do distinguish styles for men & women.

There are so many styles to choose from, so here is a chart of ideas to help you steer
closer to a glove for you. When choosing a glove – DO YOU WANT?

  • Leather or textile or mixed
  • Knuckle protection or fingerless
  • Palm gels, padding or plain
  • Deer leather
  • Short wrist or gauntlet

So now we suggest for you to look through the gloves on Extreme Biker Leather or come on in
to the store and see for yourself.

We chose to sell Olympia Sport Gloves – because they ‘fit like a glove’ and after you try one
you will understand why we suggest them. Another reason: we love Olympia is a processing
they do to keep the black dye steadfast to the leather and not bleed all over your hands.
(every biker has had a pair of gloves bleed dye all over their hands – it is a ‘right’ and a privilege to be part of this club and a be a true biker… lol) Also, Olympia Sports has been in business for over 60 years providing style, protection, cooling and warmth with their unique styles and branded leathers like the Kangaroo Curve glove.