Sizing Gloves

Glove size chart and fit guidelines, to help you order the right size gloves. 

5 Fit Guidelines for Sizing Motorcycle Gloves

1.  Olympia brand gloves are "American Cut", and fit true to size. 
Our customers usually tell us our gloves just fit right, without being too snug, or having extra length or bulk where you don’t need it. "American fit" gloves are a roomier cut vs. European fit gloves, which run smaller.

2.   Our women’s gloves are designed for a woman’s hand.  
Women’s hands are not simply smaller versions of men’s hands. Olympia's women's gloves specifically addresses a woman rider’s hand size and fit concerns, like smaller hands, narrower shape with longer fingers, room for rings, etc.

3.  New leather gloves should fit on the snug side, compared to fabric gloves.  
Leather motorcycle gloves should start a little snug, to break in as you wear them. They will stretch a bit to fit your hand's exact proportions.  Leather conditioner can help soften the leather and break them in.

4.  Fabric (textile) gloves should fit right, the first time you put them on.
 If stretch is built into the fabric, they will have a little "give. But for the most part, textile gloves should fit right and be comfortable, the first time you put them on.

5.  Leave Room for Glove Liners. 
If you plan to wear your gloves with glove liners, your gloves need to be a little roomier, to accommodate that.  

sizing chart display for gloves